What is Health-ePeople?

It’s a community of everyday people striving to do better.  Perfectly imperfect and diverse as we are, we believe our experience is worth something.  We want to share in the responsibility and ownership of our Health. We believe what we’ve learned along the way might help others. So come along! It will be fun way of giving back or paying it forward.

What is Health-ePeople used for?

It brings millions of people’s data into a safe and secure cloud that allows us to own our Personal Health Profile and take charge of this most valuable asset. We can use our community site to gather, import, and log health information about our human condition. We can integrate information from health and fitness devices to give a fuller picture of our lives and layers of rich context. We are a steaming pot of BIG DATA that teams of Researchers would love to study for the public good. Not only that, but we like to connect with each other to share and support as we choose. Our caregiver dashboard will allow family caregivers (or professionals) to monitor the state of loved ones and receive actionable information when health changes occur.

How complete is my data in Health-ePeople?

As complete as you make it! Medical conditions, treatments, lab results, vitals, emergency information, and anything that would help others help you. Importing your data from Electronic Health Records (EHR)is a huge selling point. We would love to think that you’re motivated to track your progress towards goals whether it’s eating right, exercising, or taking medications. Some of us are more laid back than others. Generally though, we insist you to be honest and accurate in what you do log. Accurate research depends on accurate data. You’re not perfect. No expects you to be. Just give yourself the benefit of an honest accounting of yourself and your efforts, and we will assist you in reaching your personal goals.

How can I import data from my health system?

Not all health systems have open portals just yet to get to your records, but many do. Blue Button, HealthVault and others have APIs (application platform interface) which allow for the transfer of your health records into your Health-ePeople account. Our HELP (?) screens will walk you through the simple process. This functionality is progressing at a rapid pace, so if you can’t get to those records today, there’s always tomorrow. Until then, you can enter data manually, sync 200+ mHealth devices & apps, and attach important documents as you choose.

How can I share my data with my healthcare provider or family members?

Health-eApp is free to use (data rates may apply) and can be downloaded onto your iOS or Android smart phone. You can carry this with you and share information with your healthcare providers and others as you deem appropriate. You can also make caregiving connections through Health-ePeople if you are caring for a loved one and need to keep updated on their condition. Social connections are also available with other Health-ePeople.  You choose what to share and what to keep to yourself. You’re always in charge here.

Is there any cost to joining Health-ePeople?

Our “Citizen Scientists” members who are willing to Build, Own, Save and Share (BOSS) their data can enjoy all the benefits of membership for FREE!  The option of a “Walled Garden” membership is also available, meaning you can build, own and save your data, but you’re not interested in connecting with others, giving or receiving care, or participating in research.  During our Public Beta testing phase, there is no cost to join as a Walled Garden member either.  However, we reserve the right to charge a minimal data storage fee for Walled Garden memberships in the future, but that cost and timing has not been determined as of yet.  As anything changes, we’ll keep you posted well in advance.

If Health-ePeople is free, how does it make money?

Research. Plain and simple. The outdated ways of doing public health and clinical research require expensive methods of recruitment and data collection. Mobile Health (mHealth) is paving a new frontier and opening possibilities never imagined before now. We are a BIG source of everyday people interested in sharing their experiences, their de-identified data, and their time to change the course of healthcare and personal health. As a Citizen Scientist, you may select studies you’re interested in participating in and receive rewards for doing so. It’s a Win-Win proposition.

Caregiver accounts also have a nominal subscription fee in order to maintain that vital connection between caregivers and their loved ones – real time access to their loved ones’ biophysical measurements, alerts, and location-based monitoring services.  You can even share the care by having multiple people connected to a single care recipient.

How secure is Health-ePeople?

Health-ePeople is hosted by Clear Data on Amazon Web Service’s HIPAA compliant cloud infrastructure. All of your personal health information is secured with 256-bit SSL encryption at rest and in-flight. All network activity is under constant monitoring, logging and auditing activity, not to mention the strong firewalls that are in place.  Our Health-eApp uses the same level of encryption and security so you can feel as safe logging data into your smart phone as you would to the website dashboard.  Security is something you play a part in as well, so please don’t share your password, and we should be just fine.

Can I add information to Health-ePeople anytime?

Yes, that’s the beauty of it. Think of it as your personal history. You can add to it every day either through the Health-eApp on your smart phone or on the website dashboard.  With each entry and mHealth device or app you connect, your profile becomes ever more meaningful and actionable to you. (Scientists totally dig this!) You’ll see what works for you and what doesn’t.  If you want feedback on how you’re doing, we can provide detailed, predictive and prescriptive analytics as well– specifically prepared for YOU based upon your data!  This serves to educate you and motivate you toward reaching your goals, never punish.

What steps does Health-ePeople take to protect my privacy?

We take your privacy seriously.  Really seriously! Our Privacy Policy explains how we manage your data and how we use your data, only with your permissions, to advance science.  Your Personal Identifying Information (PII) is NEVER released without your consent or as required by law. We don’t sell it to promotional advertisers. We severely limit the number of persons within our company that have access to your identifying information and only as necessary to perform their duties. More nitty-gritty details can be found in our Privacy Policy (hyperlink).